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I am a self motivated individual that was once part of a 'Small Business Start Up'. What I did for this company was design the company website, while applying effective, 'On Page' and 'Off Page' Search Engine Optimization. Furthermore, all the SEO, and Online Marketing was free. Everywhere I could promote this company on the internet, I did for free. I even signed up on Angies List for Free, I listed on Google and Yahoo Small Business for Free. On our website, I put emphasis on 'Quality Content' which included Keywords, and Key Phrases which helped the Google Algorithim place our website accordingly. The result of my SEO tactics was free 'Organic Business',  we received 50-100 emails and phone calls per day. In fact the owner often received phone calls from competitors asking why we showed up all over the internet and they did not.

Daily 'Virtual Assistance' included Email Maintenance,Scheduling, Phone Follow-up ,Quoting Projects, and tracking the status of Ordered Product. I used Quickbooks for Invoices, Quotes, and Work Orders. Other dutues included Credit Card Processing, and as a side note, we were also a virtually 'Paperless Operation'.  

I have since parted from this business but I wanted to provide a sample of what I could do for a Small Business as a Virtual Assistant. Also, I have worked for large Fortune 500 Corporate Companies as a hired employee, and I incorporate much of what I have learned to Small Business Models.

If you want more information, please contact me via phone or email.
Additional Skills:

QuickBooks, Sage Accounting Software, Photoshop Elements, HTML, Oracle, SAP 4GL,
MS Access,  MS Excel, MS Outlook, and MS Word.

Phone: (224) 210-6958

Email: Contact@ElginSmallBiz.com

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